You May Have Noticed…

You may have noticed I’m not a highly skilled cook. My food isn’t magazine photo pretty and certainly isn’t gourmet. Most of my cooking consists of baking or throwing it in the crockpot. I haven’t spent much time with the stovetop aside from boiling pasta and I prefer my rice steamed for which I use the microwave. I don’t know how to prepare garlic or how to braise, zest, or any other fancy sounding technique you’ve heard of (these are just the first ones that came to mind). Hopefully some of that will change though as I hope to find a basics cooking class that isn’t $500 so I can get around having to read food labels for every little thing and besides that I’ve wanted to know how to make pasta from scratch for some time now. The limits of an 8’x10′ kitchen and now a 2 year old is part of that. I may have to get one of those elastic edged tablecloths so I can make my dining table an extension of my countertops…just as soon as I clear it of coloring books.


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